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Updates on Diablo III from its Lead Technical Artist

Hello fellow nerds – I caught this today, and since I’m a glutton for news about Diablo III, I thought I would pass it along.

As you may know, Blizzard’s annual BlizzCon conference was this past weekend, and while we did not have the opportunity to attend (living on the East Coast makes that somewhat difficult),  we can live vicariously through the people who did have the opportunity to attend. It seems a couple of Slashdot editors got an opportunity to sit down with the Diablo III Lead Technical Artist, Julian Love, and ask him some questions. Since I look forward to Diablo III with the same anticipation that I do to my birthday, it’s really awesome to hear a little bit about how the development process is going and the cool stuff Blizzard is concocting.

Here’s a tidbit from the interview: “I used the spell that summons a zombie for you, and I got a rune that turned it into a swarm of bears.” If that doesn’t make you want to play this game, you’re crazy.